Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh

Assassinated: 27th Of May 1996



Dr. Koroush Aryamanesh ( former Reza Mazlouman ) was born in 17th of 1314 in Mashhad, Iran. There he completed his primary and secondary school. After military service he went to Tabriz in order to finish his higher education in Literature, he graduated from Tabriz University in 1338.


In order to pursue his academic career he -along with his wife and his only child- moved to Paris, France. In 1348 he completed doctoral degree in criminology. His doctoral research was investigating roots of crime in Muslim countries, and later on the results of his deep research in Islamic countries became the foundation of an organization called "Pasdarane Farhange Iran"(PFI). These researches also became the basis of his various books about Islam, Islamic societies, and Islam's major role of preventing social progress in Iran.


Upon his return to Iran, he started to lecture in law school and only after two years he was elected to dean. In 1974 Dr. Aryamanesh became the head of the Financial Department of the Ministry of Higher Education in Iran. There, without any intentions to fill up his pockets, he was able to give scholarship to many low-income students to study abroad. At 1976 he was hired as the assistant of the minister of Education, and kept that position until a month before the Islamic revolution in Iran.



At this time despite of his age, he accepted a position as the head of "The World Conference of Criminology" in Tehran. This conference had been started a few years before that by a number of Top professors in criminology from all over the world. Dr. Aryamanesh was always a loved character by the students. He always stood for the freedom of women, and the human and social rights in Iran.


After the revolution fearing his life, he was forced to escape his beloved country, and become a political refugee in France. There he met his dear old friend Dr. Ale Dalfak. In order to keep the pure Iranian culture from destruction by religious dogma, at Persian year of 2690 (1361 Arabic year) they teamed up and founded "Pasdarane Farhange Iran". During the following years they published the following books:


At the same time the famous newsletter "Payame Ma Azadegan" were distributed all over the world and had a tremendous success. Dr. Aryamanesh continued his individual effort as well. During the very same time he published numerous articles about Iranian culture and the appreciated book Sangasar (Stoning) were printed at the same time as well.


Dr. Aryamanesh was cowardly assassinated by gutless anti-Iranians who could not face the increased awareness about the Iranian culture. After the heartbreaking assassination, in the memory of his dear friend Dr. Ale Dalfak published the book "karnameye Koroush Aryamanesh". The book consists of all the short articles published by Dr. Aryamanesh during his adult lifetime.


Dr. Aryamanesh's last wish was fulfilled when his body was cremated on the 3rd of June 1996 at the top of the hills of Pére-Lachaise in Paris, France. The beautiful melody "khabhaye talai" (Golden Dreams) were played and the poem "Doost" (Friend) by Sohrab Sepehri could be heard.


Even though gutless creatures ended the bright being of our beloved teacher, the torch of Knowledge and awareness he lit and carried for as long as he lived, will forever shine in the hearts of Iranians. You can kill flower but you can't kill the scent of a flower.



There are 160 Persian articles and 18 French articles published in the field of criminology. During his academic years he published 13 books, in the field of



It's interesting to know that some of his books are still published and lectured by the Islamic regime without mentioning name of the author.


Dr. Aryamanesh also supervised 6 major scientific researches:
1) Homicide in Iran and Situation of Murderers in Prison.
2) Youth Crimes.
3) Female Homicides.
4) Addiction (studies done on 10,000 addicts and 2500 prisoners).
5) Crime in Different areas of Tehran.
6) Driving Accidents .








We cherish the memory of Dr. kourosh Aryamanesh and other fallen heroes who died to defend our culture and country.





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